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Poste - Associate professors of Chinese Studies

Talinn University - Deadline : 5th of May 2016

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Associate professor of Chinese Studies

Talinn University

To participate, submit the application documents by the 5th of May 2016 to the Tallinn University Personnel Department (Narva mnt 25, room T-219, 10120, Tallinn, or digitally signed to konkurss, with the title « Academic competition ».

General description

Associate professor teaches subjects in the field of his/her specialization and participates actively in research, development or creative activities, succesfully supervising students and staff.

Job requirements

The candidate must fulfill all general requirements of the position of a associate professor stipulated in the Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University, Annex 3.

Additional requirements

In the field of Chinese studies candidates with teaching and research focus on contemporary societies and politics are accepted. The successful candidate will have a PhD in social sciences such as geography, anthropology, sociology, political science, development studies, urban studies. He/she must be conducting ongoing research in China and have relevant publications. Experience in drawing, managing and participating in collaborative research projects is an advantage.

Job responsibilities

  • design, organization and development of MA programme in Chinese Studies teaching in the candidate’s field of specialization, participation in the evaluation and feedback, supervising of students at all levels ;
  • active participation in international research and design development activities, the publishing of research results and the supervision of students, staff and researchers involved in such activities ;
  • participation in joint seminars and research projects at the School of Humanities ;
  • popularization of research results and issues related to China in Estonia ;
  • securing means for research and development activities, initiating and participating in research projects ;
  • participation in committees related to student admissions and dissertation defence ;
  • preparation of work related reporting ;
  • participation in the administrative and development activities of the School of Humanities.

Work load : 1,0 ; incl load of teaching at least 28 EAP per year and load of supervising students at least 330 hours per year. Salary : to be negotiated Location of Work : Tallinn Language proficiency : C1 level of proficiency in English and Mandarin

Additional information :

please refer your administrative questions to konkurss, and questions on content to Alari Allik (coordinator of Asian Studies) alari.allik

Required application documents


Tallinn University Narva mnt 25 10120 Tallinn +372 6409101 tlu

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