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Parution - Tang Studies Vol°32

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Tang Studies Vol°32

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Christopher Nugent 4 janvier 20:33 I’m pleased to announce that the Tang Studies 32 (2014) is now available online and in print :

Meeting Through Poetry : Du Fu’s 杜甫 (712–770) “Written in Accord with Prefect Yuan’s ‘Ballad of Chongling’” (pp. 1–20) DANIEL HSIEH

The Commerce of Commemoration : Commissioned Muzhiming in the Mid- to Late Tang (pp. 21–46) ALEXEI DITTER

The Emperor, the Princes, and the Prefectures : A Political Analysis of the Pu’an Decree of 756 and the Fengjian Issue (pp. 46–97) DAVID L. MCMULLEN

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Tang Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication of the Tang Studies Society. Initially conceived in 1982 as the Tang Studies Society’s newsletter, it has now evolved into a full-fledged scholarly journal open to critical inquiry into all aspects of Tang China. Major disciplines regularly represented in the journal include literature, history, religious studies, and art history. The journal welcomes submissions of original research, brief communications, and reference notes, as well as bibliographic materials.

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