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Parution - Socialism in China (1919-1965)

Yu Youjun

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  Socialism in China (1919-1965)

Dr. Yu Youjun

ISBN:9781844644438 Published:31 May 2015 Publisher:Paths International Ltd


This book integrates the history of China’s socialist ideology and socialist movement with the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and that of modern China. It attempts to inform the reader with an objective narration of major historical events, a vivid depiction of great personalities, and the concise and insightful comments of the author, Dr. Yu Youjun.

Socialism in China (1919-1965) covers the period spanning from the May 4th Movement of 1919 to the eve of the Cultural Revolution in 1965. Providing a broad historical perspective and sharp insights, it describes this period in detail, from the introduction of Marxism to China to the CPC integrating the theory with China’s prevailing conditions and enriching it with Chinese characteristics, to the evolution and practice of scientific socialism in China.

The Chinese Communists, represented by Mao Zedong, integrated the fundamental tenets of Marxism with China’s prevailing conditions and revolutionary practices to create their own New Democracy Theory that included both new democratic revolution and new democratic society and to establish the People’s Republic of China. The author’s systematic review and thinking of their explorations of a theory and path to build socialism in a country that was semi-colonial and semi-feudal, burdened with a backward economy and culture, and his objective summary of the lessons and experiences from their explorations, all act as a mirror for today’s governance and education.

  The author

Yu Youjun, born in 1953, is a native of Fengxian County in Jiangsu Province. He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou with a Ph.D. in Marxist philosophy. Since 1986, Yu has worked as a leading Party and government official at regional, municipal, provincial and ministerial levels. He is now the vice director of the Office of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Construction Committee under the State Council.

Amidst his busy schedule, he keeps a watchful eye on social issues, keen to learn and question, eager to explore and write. His publications in recent years include The Third Theoretic Breakthrough in Socialism (Guangdong People’s Publishing House, 1995), Theory of culture in the Primary Stage of Socialism (People’s Publishing House, 1999), Five Hundred Years of Socialism—Socialism : Utopian and Scientific (Vol. I, revised edition), Five Hundred Years of Socialism—Socialism : Theory and Practice (Vol. II, revised edition), (coauthored, Guangdong Education Publishing House, 2011), and Five Hundred Years of Socialism—Socialism in China (1919-1965) (Vol. III). He has presided over the writing of Stock Cooperative Economy Emerging in Rural China, Deng xiaoping Theory and Reform and Opening Up Research in Guangdong Province Series, and The New Three Character Classic, etc. He has published hundreds of essays and articles in newspapers and journals such as People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Qiushi and Social Sciences in China.

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