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Colloque - Medical Humanities in China Conference

15-17th October, 2015 : Peking University Institute for Medical Humanities, University Health Science Center

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Medical Humanities in China Conference

Peking University Institute for Medical Humanities, University Health Science Center

15-17th October, 2015

Convenors Prof. Guo Liping (PKU) and Dr Vivienne Lo (UCL)

Expressions of interest including 100 word abstract before 20th July, 2015 to v.lo

Details :

During Peking University’s annual Medical Humanities Week PKU and UCL are convening an exciting 3 day conference and workshop to explore key challenges facing the discipline with particular emphasis on the view from China. Medical Humanities was established in China in the 1980s as an interdisciplinary collaborative initiative dedicated to fostering creative relationships between doctors and patients. As elsewhere in the world, there is currently a crisis of identity with a particular issue arising from efforts to integrate theoretical perspectives with practice. What is needed now is new vectors through which medical professionals and students can reflect on their practice, as well as a broadening of the field of vision to include more investment in the Medical Humanities through arts, literature and film. We invite contributions to five panels convened by leading academics from the universities :

Prof. Sonu Shamdasani (UCL) Prof. HUANG, Yueqin (黄悦勤PKU) : Madness and Society

Suspended between science, medicine, religion, art and philosophy, the advent of modern psychotherapies represents one of the distinctive features of twentieth century Western societies. Yet their historical study lags behind their societal impact. This panel invites presentations that explore how this and other historical conceptions and practices of madness and psycho-emotional disorder continue to shape contemporary notions of well-being and identity itself.

Dr James Wilson (UCL) Prof. CONG, Yali (丛亚丽PKU) :

Public Health Ethics

This panel focuses on ethical and political questions about the role of the state in protecting and promoting health. Topics for the panel could include : Who bears responsibility for reducing the harmful effects of air pollution ? When are inequalities in health and life expectancy are unfair ? What is the fairest way to move towards universal health coverage ? Should tobacco be more tightly regulated ? And ethical issues posed by emerging infectious diseases, or by the the rise of antimicrobial resistance.

Prof. David Napier (UCL) and Prof. ZHANG, DAQING (张大庆PKU) :

Culture and Health

This panel examines key areas identified by the Lancet and University College London Commission on Culture and Health as in need of attention at the levels of research, policy, and implementation. The Commission makes twelve recommendations around changes it considered essential to the future of health and health delivery. These twelve general areas of concern fall into four key domains : cultural competency ; communities of care ; health inequalities ; and human wellbeing. In this panel participants will be asked to respond to each of the twelve recommendations and to recommend strategies for taking them forward in China.

Prof. Therese Hesketh (UCL) and Prof. GUO, Yan (郭岩PKU) :

Global Health and the Medical Humanities

This panel will consider the role of the humanities in determining and delivering global health messages. Papers are invited on the following themes : Old Age and Frailty, Environment and Climate Change, Death and Dying, Women’s Health, Child Health, Sexual Health.

Prof. Chris Berry (KCL) and Prof. CHEN Xuguang (PKU) :

Film and the Body

This panel will ask, what is the role of film in the Medical Humanities ? To understand better social and cultural issues related to health, medicine and the body in twentieth and twenty-first century China ? To deliver health messages ? To reflect on health and medical practice ? We welcome presentations on film as it relates to any of the themes of our conference.

Dr Vivienne Lo (UCL) and Prof. CHEN Ming 陈明 (PKU) :

The Transcultural History of Medicine

In recent decades there has been a revolution in the field of the History of Medicine. This has been driven by new attention to Transnational History and for the ancient and medieval worlds by new research into medical manuscripts. Presentations on any related subject are welcome on this panel.

Student Forum : on the above five topic areas (student chairs)

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