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Actualité - Chinese Legal Documents Series

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The International Society for Chinese Law and History (ISCLH) is proud to introduce :

The new Chinese Legal Documents Series.

The ISCLH Blog is proud to introduce the new Chinese Legal Documents Series. This special series invites researchers to introduce a document from their own collections, provide a translation, and discuss what these texts might be used to study. Our goal is to showcase the research of members, offer a small corpus of legal texts for the training of students, and give readers a wide view of what the study of Chinese legal history looks like.

Our inaugural post comes from Max Oidtmann, historian of China and Inner Asia teaching at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar. Originally from the Xunhua Archives in Qinghai, Professor Oidtmann’s document is an 1874 proclamation by a local magistrate attempting to resolve a thorny property dispute between two monasteries. The document offers a valuable snapshot of governance on the imperial periphery and serves as an example of bottom-up attempts by the Qing to rebuild a multi-ethnic society in the aftermath of the Muslim rebellions.

The full document is presented o the following website dedicated to the study of the Chinese Law and History :

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